UHF Reader NFC-9601


  • فاصله خواندن آنتن: m5~4
  • قابلیت خواندن و نوشتن تگ
  • دارای فرکانس : 960~860MHz

دانلود کاتالوگ کارتخوان NFC-9601



UHF Reader NFC-9601

محدوده خواندن سیستم های UHF Reader NFC-9601 غیر فعال می تواند تا ۱۲ متر باشد و UHF RFID سرعت انتقال داده سریع تری نسبت به LF یا HF دارد. UHF RFID حساس ترین به تداخل است اما بسیاری از تولیدکنندگان محصولات UHF راه هایی را برای طراحی برچسب ها ، آنتن ها و خواننده ها برای حفظ عملکرد بالا حتی در محیط های دشوار پیدا کرده اند.

مهم ترین کاربرد NFC پرداخت پول از طریق گوشی های هوشمند است. برای این منظور کاربر اطلاعات مربوط به کارت اعتباری خود را در گوشی ذخیره میکند و در زمان خرید گوشی را به دستگاه NFC نزدیک میکند تا پرداخت شود. برای اینکه تلفن هوشمند شما بتواند با دستگاه های دارای NFC ارتباط برقرار کند باید دارای چیپ NFC باشد.


قابلیت ها :

فاصله خواندن آنتن : m5~4

قابلیت خواندن و نوشتن تگ

دارای فرکانس : ۹۶۰~۸۶۰MHz

دارای استاندارد : TB/T3070-2002 Railway Standard

مدل آنتن : Antenna:Built-in 7.0dBi antenna

سایز آنتن : ۲۶۰mm*90mm

رابط های ارتباطی : Type A:RS-232,RS-485,Wiegand 26/34/42/50




*دارای یک سال گارانتی  مانی پردازش می باشد.

*برای اطلاع از قیمت UHF Reader NFC-9601 با کارشناس فروش تماس حاصل فرمایید.

دانلود کاتالوگ کارتخوان NFC-9601


Instruction of NFC-9601 Middle Range Reader

NFC-9601 reader is one of UHF RFID products we independently developed. With contactless, free from environment impact, long reading distance, the ability of reading multiple tags moving at high speed, excellent anti-collision etc., NFC-9601 is suitable for many different projects. At present, NFC-9601 has widely applied to highway no-parking fee management, car license anti-counterfeiting identify management, vehicle marshalling and scheduling management, intelligent parking management, border access control, and asset management, luggage parcel identification and logistic etc.

۱٫ Overview
NFC-9601 is a UHF RFID reader with integrity structure and full function. It includes RF module, digital signal managing, input/output port and serial communication port, synchronization function. NFC-9601 is multi-protocol UHF reader, which supports ISO18000-6B and EPC international standard protocol. It can read and write UCODE, TI, Alien and other label. In addition, it can optimize the chips of main application labels. To meet the requirements of protocol and function expanding and protect user investment, the reader can be upgraded with our update software conveniently. NFC-9601 reader is an integrative design with built-in 7 dBi circular polarization antenna, its effective reading range is very wide and fast moving tags can be identified. Integrated, ultra-thin and water proof structure design makes the installation very simple in engineering applications.

۲٫ Key feature
l Integrative design, nice appearance, easy to install
l Built-in 7dBi high gain circular polarization antenna, long distance identification
l Support both ISO-18000-6B and ISO 18000-6C(EPC C1G2)
l FHSS operating method with super anti-interference ability
l Multi-reader synchronization
l Software supports various program languages
l Multiple communication interfaces, also can be customized
l Water and sun proof

۳٫ Function introduction
l Support multi-protocol: NFC-9601 reader supports ISO18000-6B, EPC Class 1, EPC Class 1 GEN 2 standards,
Container standard and Railway standard, and can also be programmed to support other protocols and features through
reader’s software upgrade.
l Protocol specific optimization: NFC-9601 reader can be optimized for a specific protocol, making it possible to
enhance the price-quality ratio on close-loop system applications.
l Synchronization function: In practice, NFC-9601 reader has designed with synchronization function, ensuring the
reliability and reading performance when multiple readers installed in the near area.
l Off-line function: The reader is designed with nonvolatile memory for storage of tag data, to ensure
un-interruptible data flow even in the event of power interruption or in case of communication interruption and/or

l Input/Output function: The reader is designed with 1-way trigger input, it will identify tags in accordance with
external trigger commands, so as to meet green energy requirements and reduces energy consumption. It has widely
applied to car parking solution and production line management. It’s also designed with 4 relays output, which can be
used for external control, saving the cost and complexity of additional external components.
l ID matching function: NFC-9601 reader has built-in nonvolatile memory. In a close-loop application system, user
can store the required tag data in the nonvolatile memory in advance, when reader identify tags, it will compare the tag
data with the stored tag, and then perform the action which predefined by reader or designed by user.
l Clock function: NFC- 9601 reader comes with a built-in real time clock, and it can be configured to synchronize its
clock with the system clock. If and when the reader is working in an off-line mode, the internal time-stamp allows for a
smooth and uninterrupted integration of the data collected.
l Feature matching function: The reader with tag feature matching function, when feature matching function enabled,
it will compare the tag with the predefined characteristic value, and then perform the action which predefined by reader
or designed by user.

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